Retrenchment – My key take aways

Retrenching staff? Need support? I can create the operational and strategic crutch needed in your business.

I was a leader that was required to facilitate and manage a retrenchment process of 300 people whilst being impacted myself. We were able to successfully perform this without any employee or industrial relation cases. Here is my key take a way’s;

  1. This process is a lonely time for leaders. Not only do you need to carry your teams, but you need to carry yourself as well. It is ok not to be ok! Be vulnerable with your peers and seek the space and support necessary. Of course, this requires a trust platform. Spend the time with your leaders before delivering the message to employees. Attend to their needs. You cannot perform this journey alone and you will need your extended leadership teams.
  2. Self care is of utmost importance. Be kind to yourself. Recognise your own emotions and provide space for them. Then pick yourself up and move on.
  3. Be clear on your objectives. My personal objective was to ensure everyone left ‘whole’. By this I meant that each person has access, and used, the support system. Each person needed to be reached.
  4. Timing of interventions is key. You want the support and interventions to flow appropriately into the timeframe. If your offboarding process is over a period of 12 months, do not bring in financial support in month 11. Be sure that individuals have access to financial advisors linked to the outcome of their retirement fund decisions.
  5. Use the right subject matter experts for your interventions. Detail in these processes is key.
  6. Paperwork can be overwhelming. Therefore, have the right size team to support you with the correct skillset. Over hire if need be and if it can be afforded.
  7. Whilst cost of interventions and support structures can be expensive, a lot can be done “In House” by leveraging your broader network and strengths within your leadership team.  Other external costs may be necessary. Weigh it off against retention versus attrition during this difficult time.
  8. Be sure to bring your employees with you on the journey and that they are engaged, understood and knowledgeable through out the process. Use Change Agent networks or Employee Councils. Always be transparent and honest!

Of course, there is much more that I can add. If you are embarking on a retrenchment process and require operational and strategic support, please do not hesitate to contact me. or visit my website 000000000000

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