About Me

Post my degree in Psychology, I started my career in the filing room and left my last organisation as an authentic HR Manager who believes in pragmatic solutions. I achieved this while being a Mom to a beautiful Son with special needs.

My career and my child’s needs seemed to be growing at the same pace – my career demanded and my child needed. I had to learn how to build synergy between these. If I’m being real, did I get this right all the time? No, at times my career took my energy when it should have been given to my family. But what I learned is that contracting and communicating is key and that what works for others, doesn’t work for everyone.

I have worked across small to large teams, within a virtual and face to face environment with multicultural dimensions. I have started new teams, grown teams and closed a business. I know what it means to doubt oneself, to try and find a place in a new leadership team, to make mistakes that have consequences, and to feel burnt out.

I equally know what professional success feels like – it’s:

  • Becoming more agile 
  • Watching people grow and thrive
  • Seeing a leadership team improve performance by 15% in one year
  • Having no employee or industrial concerns while closing a business

I am passionate about what I do, and it supports my values and belief system. I live with GRIT.

If you’re looking to shape performance for yourself and your team, I’d love to chat.  Email me on Debra@theHRGarden.co.za.

Accredited professional with
the South Africa Board of People Practices. Membership number 51859126
HBDI Certified
(Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument)