For me, performance coaching is a purposeful and meaningful interaction that guides people from where they are to where they want to be.

  • Start thinking  :  Understanding your style of thinking which allows you to better deliver through your team
  • Think about teams : Individuals within a team understanding each others thinking styles allowing for better performance and agility 
  • Think about communication : Cross functional teams understanding each other which lends to stronger integration.

I use practical, proven tools that can support a leader and his/her team to better understand each other. Assisting them to learn and grow together to become a more effective, high performing team.

What is crucial for me is that this is not a one-day exercise. The Leader and team must be committed to use the tools in everyday life in order to ensure a sustained outcome. I offer an additional 60 minute follow up session with the Leader and team to assess progress and support the removal of any blockers to ensure a greater success of the coaching.

My sessions can be used and adapted for teams that are newly created, going through a change or teams that need to up their game or better understand each other.

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