Understanding each other in the workplace helps create a better place to work which will lead to better performance. As we all know diversity incorporates everything about us, both the seen and the unseen. Read more 

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I can support your leaders by training them in understanding the mental journey of change and creating appropriate support structures for their teams. Read more

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Agility was traditionally made use of in the IT world, however, as the economic landscape changes, all business is required to change and mould itself quickly in order to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing world. Read more

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Inclusion in Leadership

The world is changing. We work in an office, or at home or we have telecons, videocons. Your team is all over the world, different generations, languages, cultures. How are you as a leader meant to be inclusive of all team members, drive performance and be everywhere at once? Read more

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Motivational Talks

Topics pertinent to my experience are :

  1. Leading in turmoil (the impact of change and making it a positive experience)
  2. Self-mastery and personal growth (balancing)

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